Jewfish Key Home Owner's Assocation
Ride a boat to work, spend a lifetime on an island.

The residential island community of Jewfish Key, Florida, and its homeowners association, known as Jewfish Key Preservation Association, welcomes you to our island neighborhood via the Internet. The Association is a non-profit, non-political organization incorporated in the State of Florida.

Jewfish Key Preservation Association is dedicated to the care, protection, enhancement, and improvement of our community, generally Jewfish Key.

Jewfish Key, the northernmost island in Sarasota bay, opposite Longboat Pass, is a rare and undiscovered coastal treasure. Here the essence of coastal living has been preserved. Set in an unspoiled environment, nature, history and a unique island culture intertwine to make Jewfish Key an unspoiled jewel by the sea. The island is a neighbor to several nature preserves. Accessible only by boat, Jewfish Key is known for its abundant wildlife & private, peaceful beaches.

Jewfish Key does not intend to meet the needs of all; therein lies our unique character. We invite you to visit us with faith that you will appreciate the simple, basic values we hold so dear.

Jewfish Key used to be two islands, Pickett Key to the North and Fisherman's Key to the South. For reasons unknown, the United States Army Corps of Engineers filled in between the two islands in 1939 as it was building the Intra-coastal Waterway and the two islands became one. The name comes from a natural hole 20 feet deep at the south end of the island which held many large jewfish in past years.

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